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Our desire at St. Andrew’s is to offer different opportunities for individuals and families to learn and grow in their faith and walk with Jesus. These include a fully equipped nursery for infants and toddlers; a Sunday School ministry for children between the ages of 5-12 years old (during worship). 


To compliment all ministries and work at St. Andrew’s, several years ago we adopted a set of core values through which all ministries are guided. At the very core of who we are as a people of God is complete dependency on the Holy Spirit for wisdom, discernment and empowerment.


Our core values are:


GODLY LEADERSHIP - People with appropriate gifts should lead ministries. Where there is authentic leadership, there will be a lasting impact on future generations.


LIFE CHANGE - Life change happens in the heart of an individual. Therefore, we will seek to offer a balanced disciplined ministry, challenging people to see Christianity's relevance for all ages of their lives.


EVANGELISM - People who are far away from God matter to Him. Therefore, it would be our desire to provide a safe place where they can investigate Christ and His claims and experience Him at their own pace.


COMMUNITY IN SMALL GROUPS - All our people need to connected in a biblically functioning small group Bible group where they can reach the unchurched, develop their relationships and grow into Christ-likeness.


EXCELLENCE - Our highest calling is to honour Christ with our lives and service. Knowing this requires excellence.


TEAMWORK - Every believer is called to serve others with their spiritual gifts. Community can happen when we combine gifts with others in teams.


PRAYER - Effectiveness in ministry is dependent upon prayer. Therefore, the visioning, planning and achievement of ministry will be upheld in prayer.


FAMILY - It is important to reach people early in life and partner with families as we seek to encourage them and challenge them to a lifetime of devotion to Christ.


CULTURAL RELEVANCE - We continue to uphold the Bible as true and relevant for today. We will endeavour to present the unchanging gospel message in ways that are relevant to our changing culture.

White Rose/Celebration of Life Ministry

At St. Andrew’s, we believe times of loss can be most challenging. In these times, we believe the love and support from all Christians can make a big difference in feeling God’s presence during this time of great sorrow.


Symbolically, St. Andrew’s recognizes this significant loss with our White Rose Ministry & Celebration of Life Ministry.


How it works:

We acknowledge the acute loss with a solitary white rose which is placed in the sanctuary as a memorial to departed family members of our congregation. This rose symbolizes the memory of the lost loved one as well as reminds all of us during Sunday worship to hold the family in prayer during this most difficult of times.


We then follow-up this symbolic ministry with our annual Celebration of Life Service. Each January, we invite loved ones of the departed to light a candle for each person lost in the previous year. This candle-lighting is a reminder that the lost loved one will live forever in our hearts and in Heaven.

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