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About Us


St. Andrew’s has been a witness for Christ in the community of Welland since 1834. We seek to honour our past, embrace today and look to continue to serve the community in the name of Jesus tomorrow. We believe that God created humanity to glorify Him and enjoy Him for all eternity. Therefore, our mission is to walk with individuals and families as they discover God through a real relationship with Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The manner in which this takes place will vary, however, our prayer is to see all people grow and mature in their faith and their daily walk with Jesus.


Therefore, our commitment is four-fold. We are…


Committed to God’s Word, the Bible.

We believe it teaches us the truth and we want to make it clear and interesting to everyone in our church. So we work hard at making the Bible practical, clear and powerful. In our services and in all the areas of instruction the Bible matters to us.


Committed to Worship

We are the people of God and the one unique thing we have is the privilege of worshipping the true God, through our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive for a musically blended worship experience. We have a praise team that lead us in singing praise songs, and two organists to lead us in the singing of more traditional hymns. We endeavour to make our worship experience accurate, authentic, and thoughtful.


Committed to Fellowship

People everywhere are looking for friendships. But Christian fellowship has another dimension besides friendship. It’s an intimacy that is unique to the Christian faith, because of our union with Jesus Christ. We live in a transient society, so we have learned that we have to get at the business of building friendships quickly when people visit us. We work hard at being friendly and help you meet new people, as well as help you connect with others with whom you can relate to.


Committed to Sharing our Faith

Sharing our faith both globally and locally is what we are called to do daily. This means we are committed to support missionaries, as well as, mission organizations locally and around the world, which are also committed to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are also committed to becoming disciples who make disciples.

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